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White Factor Asia Sdn Bhd [201701016288 (1230452-A)] is a brand founded with years of research & development by a group of scientists to bring to all (especially you!) a highly effective yet 100% safe disinfectant.

Our Mission is to uphold personal hygiene in every household and public spaces through hassle-free & worry-free applications.

Our Products were formulated with mixed machine technology in balancing safety, efficacy and responsibility. 

Our Main active ingredient is HOCl made with improved Japanese technology .  It penetrates directly into the cell membrane of pathogens and destroys the internal protease, RNA and DNA.  After the action, it is reduced to water, which is safe and creates no harm to humans and environment.

Our HOCl-Based Skin Cleanser and environment disinfectant adhered to strict production standards ensuring us as - Your Everyday Health Guardian!

Accreditation, Test Reports and Relevant References of White Factor

✦ Effectiveness of White Factor ✦

In March 2020, CDC in America has released COVID-19 virus strain to P3 or above specification laboratory.  White Factor successfully requested to perform the test on the virus and it is proven that White Factor is effective against COVID-19.

White Factor is proven by GLP, an internationally recognized laboratory, it is effective for combating SARS, Human coronavirus, MERS, H1NI, H3N2, H7N9, measles, HIV-1, viral hepatitis, enterovirus 71, norovirus.

White Factor is proven by SGS laboratory that it combats candida albicans, black fungus, E. coli, staphylococcus aureus, pseudomonas aeruginosa.

✦ Safety of White Factor ✦

  • Low concentration Hypochlorous Acid does not irritate skin
  • Non-toxic for oral contact with low concentration Hypochlorous Acid
  • Non-toxic for inhaling low concentration Hypochlorous Acid
  • No harm to human health after effect


Corona Virus


Influenza Viruses


Seasonal Viruses / Others

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Product Safety

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